Mafriges is a slaughter, cutting plant and coldstore of pork products, is located in Sant Vicenç de Torello in a traditional region to rise pigs, in the province of Barcelona, at 1 hour from the French border and 1 hour from a major freight port.

Since it began in 1984, it has delivered and distributed fresh meat and prepared meat products on a daily basis to retail shops, wholesalers and processing plants.

Mafriges has also extended its sales to European market and Asian countries, in a state of constant growth.

The quality of its products, together with good customer services, forms the base for Mafriges’ prestige.

  • Commitment to the environment
  • Animal welfare
  • Modern installations
  • Slaughter capacity 17.000 heads weekly
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Plant staff about 250 people
  • Calitax Traceability System, suppliers of confidence
  • Quality management endorsed by HACCP, FSSC 22000, IFS, BRC and Wellfare Animal Quality

Mafriges control all the phases of the production process in order to guarantee the best quality

Mafriges has his own slaughter plant with a capacity for more than 17.000 heads weekly, a cutting room specialised by products, a packing plant and a cold store with a huge capacity. This way, Mafriges can guarantee a total control over all aspects of production.

Flexibility of the processing system allows to produce depending on the intended use and customer requirements according to the ISO Based Quality management system.

Mafriges can supply any type of cut, from primary cuts to boneless and trimmed parts.

New facilities includes a packing zone with an availability to pack the products IWP or Vacuum. Fast freezer tunnels and the cold store.

Process control integration

A central database allow optimisation and planning the production and assure full products traceability through the production process.

Mafriges S.A. is located closely his suppliers of the raw material, in a region with an ancient tradition to rise pigs animals.

Short Transport distances together with welfare conditions in animal transports reduce pig stress. The anaesthesia system based on CO2 guarantees the best meat quality

After pigs have been slaughtered, carcass rest in the airing room.

The cutting plant is organized as follows:

  • Loin family section
  • Shoulder family section
  • Belly family section
  • Leg family section
  • Head section

This way mafriges get a high specialized plant.

Mafriges can serve distribution on a daily basis or with next day delivery thanks to his proximity to high consumption zones from Barcelona region.

Mafriges also deliver fresh or frozen products to the European market by his own trucks with the maximum guarantee of timing and product preservation.